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Discover How Our Value Investing Seminar Singapore Can Blow Your Mind About Value Investing.

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From Sean Seah’s Desk

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You have landed at our Value Investing Seminar Singapore portal!

I have utilized Value Investing Methodology that brought to my huge success in the stock market. With the same proven methodology, i have imparted my knowledge to many thousands of students globally. Our flagship Value Investing BootCamp program is also frequently featured in various media and value investor groups.

Many value investors from Asia have also joined our strong Value Investing Community for their continual education. You are welcome to attend our free 3 hours Value Investing Seminar in Singapore and claim our three exclusive bonuses (worth S$349). The insights you will learn include:

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How To Earn Money Using Value Investing Options Strategy (VIOS)

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How To Determine If A Company Is Really Good To Invest

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Know Exactly When To Buy and Sell A Stock Without A Guess

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How to Start Value Investing Using Less than S$1000

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How To Build Your Passive Income For Your Family Without Losing Your Sleep

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How To Do Value Investing Even If You Are A Complete Newbie


To your success,

Sean Seah


See How You Can Also Be Transformed From A Retail Investor To A Savvy Value Investor like many of us already done so.

Value Investing Singapore Bootcamp 2016


 You will have the Power Support From Our Family of Value Investing Master Trainers. Do not commit yourself by making the common stock investing mistakes.

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Grab Our Three Exclusive Bonuses For Free Before They Are Taken Down.free value investing seminar bonus

If you have signed up our value investing seminar, Value Investing Singapore would provide you with the following bonuses to kick start your value investing journey. They are worth a total of S$75 in value and this is just our gesture to reward you for taking an action or spending your time and effort to learn more about value investing in a smarter way.

Bonus #1 – A free electronic copy of Value Investing Singapore’s wealth mindset book called “The Expert Guide In Persuing Wealth“. Many novice investors start off their investing journey without the correct wealth accumulation mindset. This will be a perfect gift for a good start in your value investing.



Bonus #2 – A free electronic copy of Sean Seah’s best selling book, “Gone Fishing With Buffett“. This best seller ebook is foreword by Mary Buffett (Warren Buffet’s ex-daughter in law) and being sold at Kinokuniya at $25 per copy.


Sean Seah And Mary BuffettGone_Fishing_With_Buffett By Sean Seah



Bonus #3 – A free hardcopy copy of “The Secrets of Value Investors”. This is a treasured collection of the secrets and stories shared by our own 30 Value investors in Singapore. You cannot find any other similar value investing books in Singapore like this. Collect our free physical book when you register on your selected seminar day itself.


The Secrets of Value Investors By Value Investing College Singapore


If you do not know how to define a value of a particular stock, try to attend our value investing seminar singapore. We would like to share with you our favourite value investing quote from Warren Buffett. This is a fairly simple concept and yet it is often ignored by many retail stock investors.


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HAPPY Value Investing Ahead!

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      Sean Seah, The Asia Buffettologist