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2017 Performance of SGX Stocks In Retail Sector

2017 Performance of SGX Stocks In Retail Sector in Singapore

Check out the listing of SGX Stocks in retail sector, i.e. specialty retail sector and food retail sector. Though retailing sector is not my circle of interest, i scanned two listings for sharing purposes. This is to see if it is worth while looking into some defensive SGX stocks in retail sector in the midst of economical uncertainty.

I would think that the retail market in Singapore still remains challenging for both the retailers and landlords. This might be due to higher rental cost and weaker consumer demand. The whole brick and mortar retailing landscape is also disrupted with Amazon Prime service and Alibaba backed Lazada online retailing. This may lead to an interesting trend for retailers to adopt advanced vending machine technologies. Some examples are HDB vendcafe and Giant Vend Mart Tampines. Over the weekend, my family walked passed Giant Tampines Vend Mart. I was amused to know Hot Black Pepper Crab can be also served from Vending Machine though its price is not cheap, i.e. around $80 per serving.


Listing of SGX Stocks In Retail for Specialty Goods 

Most of the listed SGX stocks under specialty retail sector are not overly priced yet and their dividend yields are also generally not fantastic. This is except for Challenger Technologies Limited and Duty Free International Limited with a decent dividend yield of over 6%.


Company NameCodeIndustryMkt. Cap.in S$ mmTot. Rev.in S$ mmP/EDiv. Yld.in %
Stamford Tyres Corporation LimitedS29Distributors78.9239.69.3014.48%
The Hour Glass LimitedAGSSpecialty Retail465.37139.7993.03%
Courts Asia LimitedRE2Specialty Retail206731.810.0023.22%
MoneyMax Financial Services Ltd.5WJSpecialty Retail61.6140.810.232.87%
Metro Holdings LimitedM01Multiline Retail1,051.6131.810.961.57%
Cortina Holdings LimitedC41Specialty Retail133.3390.911.6452.48%
Challenger Technologies Limited573Specialty Retail148.4312.912.5716.28%
Choo Chiang Holdings Ltd.42ESpecialty Retail73.862.813.4432.25%
Soo Kee Group Ltd.42GSpecialty Retail77.1183.813.983.65%
Zhongmin Baihui Retail Group Ltd.5SRMultiline Retail191.9189.614.9084.37%
Duty Free International Limited5SOSpecialty Retail335196.314.946.21%
Jardine Cycle & Carriage LimitedC07Distributors15,868.722,824.215.082.54%
Isetan (Singapore) LimitedI15Multiline Retail162.1291.416.9081.27%
TLV Holdings Limited42LSpecialty Retail50.4114.617.441.7%
Noel Gifts International Ltd543Specialty Retail25.624.218.6571.2%
Second Chance Properties Ltd528Specialty Retail199.336.722.640.75%
Thakral Corporation LtdAWIDistributors72151.925.1033.64%
YHI International LimitedBPFDistributors122.8455.728.7731.52%
Tye Soon LimitedBFUDistributors22.7215.22,015.5043.31%


Listing of SGX Stocks In Retail Sector For Food And Staples

For the listing of SGX stocks in food and staples retailing, their P/Es are generally higher and closer to 20s. Their dividend yields are also not attractive too.


  CodeIndustryMkt. Cap.in S$ mmTot. Rev.in S$ mmP/EDiv. Yld.in %
Olam International LimitedO32Food and Staples Retailing6,910.823,168.918.1212.84%
Sheng Siong Group LtdOV8Food and Staples Retailing1,398.381821.7383.66%
Dairy Farm International Holdings LimitedD01Food and Staples Retailing14,908.315,34122.7092.62%
Khong Guan LimitedK03Food and Staples Retailing50.957.440.7021.52%

Source : SGX.com (Dated 22 Oct 2017)

Do your own due diligence before you invest on any stock.

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