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22 SGX stocks with PE Ratio Less Than 10

You may find the list of screened SGX stocks with PE ratio Less Than 10 in this article post. It is also filtered based on added value stockscriteria for those SGX stocks having a close to 5% dividend yield rate and above.

SGX stocks with PE ratio less than 10 and with at least a close to 5% dividend rate come from various industries such as real estates, industrial and electronic manufacturing, food and trading.

You may look for dividend stocks for income generation or potential growth stocks for capital appreciation. Regardless of your investing objectives, you may still need to base on a more systematic approach to confirm if your intended buy is indeed value for money.

Company NameCodeIndustryMkt. Cap.in S$ mmTot. Rev.in S$ mmP/EDiv. Yld.in %
Debao Property Development Ltd.BTFReal Estate Management and Development12.761.31.79811.76%
Pan Hong Holdings Group LimitedP36Real Estate Management and Development50.2264.71.70510.59%
Hafary Holdings Limited5VSTrading Companies and Distributors66.71167.6359.68%
China Jinjiang Environment Holding Company LimitedBWMIndependent Power and Renewable Electricity Producers690.2557.75.4239.03%
Global Investments LimitedB73Capital Markets23846.75.9268.68%
Jackspeed Corporation LimitedJ17Auto Components57.858.69.2617.81%
Maxi-Cash Financial Services Corporation Ltd.5UFConsumer Finance158.6188.49.7557.55%
Ban Leong Technologies LimitedB26Electronic Equipment, Instruments and Components23144.66.4127.5%
LHT Holdings LimitedBEIPaper and Forest Products41.340.65.4986.45%
CapitaLand Retail China TrustAU8UEquity Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)1,522.8229.29.7276.43%
Frasers Hospitality TrustACVEquity Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)1,461160.69.3866.43%
Mapletree Greater China Commercial TrustRW0UEquity Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)3,278.5360.38.5616.42%
Ellipsiz LtdBIXSemiconductors and Semiconductor Equipment107118.36.916.25%
Brook Crompton Holdings Ltd.AWCTrading Companies and Distributors28.744.98.2656.17%
Mewah International Inc.MV4Food Products427.73,911.39.5645.96%
HL Global Enterprises LimitedAVXHotels, Restaurants and Leisure48.411.70.5615.83%
Ascendas India TrustCY6UReal Estate Management and Development1,032.8182.46.8315.77%
Fortune REITF25UEquity Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)3,060347.25.6055.43%
Willas-Array Electronics (Holdings) LimitedBDRElectronic Equipment, Instruments and Components76.3724.55.3795.39%
Singapore Telecommunications LimitedZ74Diversified Telecommunication Services55,333.217,513.19.8385.16%
Courts Asia LimitedRE2Specialty Retail133.9730.49.0934.96%
PNE Industries LtdBDAElectronic Equipment, Instruments and Components84.889.88.2264.95%

Source : SGX.com (Dated 24 March 2018)


Invest  After Your Due Diligence Check

I had posted a few articles to explain some financial terms including to explain what is PE Ratio (Price Earnings Ratio) and what is a dividend. Hope this is useful to help your better understanding about these commonly mentioned financial terms. Many people have opted the school of thought to use technical analysis and automated system tools to do trading. I tried using technical analysis more than 10 years ago. But my result was not consistent at all.



My conclusion is to do value investing. Fundamental analysis is essential and technical analysis is an add on to better time the investment. For me, I don’t really hold a long list of stocks at this juncture.  The last time I sold off my stock was Global Logistic Properties (GLP) in January 2018.  And I only owned a couple of SGX stocks and US stocks for now. Of the above list of screened SGX stocks, Ascendas India Trust and Singapore Telecommunication stocks are what I owned and accumulating now. Lippo Mall Trust is my another long time owned dividend stock but it is not in this screened list.


It is better to be kiasu and defensive now. I believe in building up our war chest at this juncture to prepare for the next opportunity.

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