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65 Singapore Stocks With PE Less Than 10

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Below is a list of 65 Singapore stocks with a PE ratio of less than 10. These Singapore stocks are sorted based on a descending order of its corresponding Dividend Yield. Apart from the display of dividend yield, it also shows the profit margin and the Growth rate over 5 years. This will give you a better idea in terms of their fundamentals.

Value investing guru, Peter Lynch ever said that investing with a low PE ratio is often a good thing with most stocks. He also said that a low PE ratio with a cyclical stock will be a nightmare. What do you mean by a cyclical stock? A good understanding of these Singapore stocks and their business is a must from value investing perspective. 

Non-cyclical stocks consistently outperform the market when economic growth slows. These are often defensive stocks which experience profit regardless of economic conditions because we always need their services e.g. food, power and telecommunication services and etc. On the other hand, cyclical companies are highly correlated to the economy. The performance of these cyclical stocks will get higher when people have extra income to spend on luxuries, and they’ll decline when the economy slumps.

Do your own due diligence before investing. If you have a hard time in finding good Singapore stocks to invest now, it may not be a surprise too. 

CodeIndustryProf. Mrg.in %Growth 5y

in %

P/EDiv. Yld.

in %

K1 Ventures LimitedBLTDiversified Financial Services159.28%3.66%2.25310.9%
Pan Hong Holdings Group LimitedP36Real Estate Management and Development8.22%19.25%4.718.52%
Luzhou Bio-chem Technology LimitedL46Food Products3.74%(11.24)%0.957.8%
Willas-Array Electronics (Holdings) LimitedBDRElectronic Equipment, Instruments and Components0.97%3.55%8.8426.97%
Keong Hong Holdings Limited5TTConstruction and Engineering14.31%1.49%4.0036.77%
Hock Lian Seng Holdings LimitedJ2TConstruction and Engineering22.78%(3.42)%8.9115.56%
Fortune Real Estate Investment TrustF25UEquity Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)108.56%14.87%8.025.52%
Tai Sin Electric Limited500Electrical Equipment8.45%1.96%7.7365.34%
Multi-Chem LimitedAWZElectronic Equipment, Instruments and Components3.02%11.27%6.5555.13%
Ascendas India TrustCY6UReal Estate Management and Development87.03%5.45%7.255.01%
Silverlake Axis Ltd5CPSoftware163.16%6.6%5.5214.94%
PCI LimitedP19Electronic Equipment, Instruments and Components4.94%(3.78)%9.8014.9%
Ban Leong Technologies LimitedB26Electronic Equipment, Instruments and Components2.08%4.69%9.1214.88%
PNE Industries LtdBDAElectronic Equipment, Instruments and Components21.94%(1.89)%8.944.76%
Captii LimitedAWVCommunications Equipment20.25%9.19%3.6714.59%
Tat Seng Packaging Group LtdT12Containers and Packaging6.36%7.9%6.584.41%
Low Keng Huat (Singapore) LimitedF1EConstruction and Engineering120.1%(17.99)%8.8014.35%
Design Studio Group Ltd.D11Building Products9.25%10.23%9.2574.24%
QAF LimitedQ01Food Products11.43%(2.97)%6.8164.24%
Kingsmen Creatives Ltd.5MZProfessional Services3.79%2.61%9.644.17%
Sunningdale Tech LtdBHQMachinery6.74%9.59%8.2434.15%
Teckwah Industrial Corporation Ltd561Commercial Services and Supplies8.01%0.54%7.7974%
Excelpoint Technology LtdBDFElectronic Equipment, Instruments and Components0.71%16.35%6.5673.9%
Federal International (2000) LtdBDUTrading Companies and Distributors5.71%(4.91)%8.5043.85%
Lian Beng Group LtdL03Construction and Engineering18.9%(8.74)%5.7283.69%
Hai Leck Holdings LimitedBLHEnergy Equipment and Services12.84%8.9%8.0163.67%
Singapore Shipping Corporation LimitedS19Marine21.41%17.34%9.2543.58%
PEC Ltd.IX2Construction and Engineering3.68%0.31%8.9233.45%
Courts Asia LimitedRE2Specialty Retail2.86%(0.14)%9.6273.35%
Chemical Industries (Far East) LimitedC05Chemicals15.25%(11.49)%7.713.33%
The Hour Glass LimitedAGSSpecialty Retail6.66%3.31%9.2793.2%
G. K. Goh Holdings LimitedG41Capital Markets39.89%6.99%7.8963.08%
Keppel Telecommunications & Transportation LtdK11Air Freight and Logistics51.39%7.64%8.8832.98%
Brook Crompton Holdings Ltd.AWCTrading Companies and Distributors9.79%(3.09)%5.7022.84%
Nam Lee Pressed Metal Industries LimitedG0IBuilding Products7.33%(5.76)%9.6122.7%
Sinostar PEC Holdings LimitedC9QOil, Gas and Consumable Fuels4.99%(21.14)%6.7712.64%
Dutech Holdings LimitedCZ4Commercial Services and Supplies6.6%21.36%6.2622.63%
Tiong Seng Holdings LimitedBFIConstruction and Engineering2.69%9.5%6.4892.62%
Ho Bee Land LimitedH13Real Estate Management and Development132.9%(8.72)%6.2932.55%
Hongkong Land Holdings LimitedH78Real Estate Management and Development207.68%21.49%3.3972.55%
SingHaiyi Group Ltd.5H0Real Estate Management and Development14.37%154.11%7.452.54%
Serial System LtdS69Electronic Equipment, Instruments and Components1%17.96%8.42.53%
Memtech International Ltd.BOLElectronic Equipment, Instruments and Components8.05%4.99%7.232.51%
Yanlord Land Group LimitedZ25Real Estate Management and Development13.5%24.8%4.82.39%
Jardine Matheson Holdings LimitedJ36Industrial Conglomerates9.35%(0.79)%6.8142.35%
Frencken Group LimitedE28Machinery6.43%7.27%6.7652.31%
OKP Holdings Limited5CFConstruction and Engineering15.8%5.43%5.1682.09%
Oxley Holdings Limited5UXReal Estate Management and Development19.26%52.77%6.3361.96%
Southern Packaging Group LimitedBQPContainers and Packaging5.61%(0.53)%5.2131.95%
China Sunsine Chemical Holdings Ltd.CH8Chemicals11.62%12.51%6.6381.88%
Fraser and Neave, LimitedF99Beverages69.27%(8.22)%2.6811.84%
BBR Holdings (S) LtdKJ5Construction and Engineering4.89%(10.44)%7.4911.78%
Hengxin Technology Ltd.I85Communications Equipment7.12%3.73%4.9871.68%
InnoTek LimitedM14Machinery6.08%(6.86)%5.3461.64%
LTC Corporation LimitedL17Metals and Mining7.55%(1.54)%9.2851.59%
Yeo Hiap Seng LimitedY03Food Products44.96%(8.89)%4.6261.57%
Indofood Agri Resources Ltd.5JSFood Products3.99%3.96%9.5521.37%
Hiap Hoe Limited5JKReal Estate Management and Development57.59%(11.26)%7.1391.31%
Hong Fok Corporation LimitedH30Real Estate Management and Development124.8%(17.91)%7.3431.27%
Heeton Holdings Limited5DPReal Estate Management and Development21.94%(3.16)%9.511.26%
Bonvests Holdings LimitedB28Industrial Conglomerates21.93%9%9.6461.23%
Chasen Holdings Limited5NVCommercial Services and Supplies2.87%5.2%8.7621.19%
Nobel Design Holdings Ltd547Specialty Retail15.75%10.71%7.3941.04%
Chew’s Group Limited5SYFood Products88.69%6.63%1.8250.8%
Jardine Strategic Holdings LimitedJ37Industrial Conglomerates12.59%(1.31)%6.3850.72%

Source : SGX (21 August 2017)

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