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Why Genting Singapore Shares Worth The Buy Now?

Genting Singapore

Genting Singapore owns and operates our famous integrated resort, i.e. Resort World Sentosa (RWS). It has recently expressed pessimism over the outlook for the first half of 2020. And it is due to the massive disruption caused by novel corona virus (COVID-19). That is not surprising to hear from Genting Singapore especially after a confirmed case involving a RWS staff …

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Is REIT Investing Better Off Than Property Investing?

Is REIT investing better off than property investment in Singapore? Yes but it depends on what you are looking for, i.e. whether you are into dividend income or into mid term capital growth. To many Singaporeans, buying a property in Singapore can be their biggest financial commitments ever. And many of us are still unable to afford private properties which …

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Can Financial Statements Be Fraudulent Or Exhibits Aggressive Accounting?

financial figures

Reading the financial statement of a company that you want to invest is what the usual value investors will do. This may be no different from what Warren Buffett and his team will do as well. But why understanding a company’s financial statement is so important? This is because it will give you various indicators to know if a company’s …

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Why Stock Screener Is Important To Value Investors

Technology Assisted Stock Hacking Logo

With a good stock screener tool, the days of doing due diligence checks manually by value investors are over. A good stock screener helps value investors to filter off stocks that are not matching their value investing criteria. Finding what stocks to buy in Singapore or in any other stock market is not an easy task. Why? The list of …

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Never mix up the trading process with the complex system


Never mix up the trading process with the complex system You may think about the trading process in the Forex marketplace is all about trading with adaptation. But the reality is, traders will have to be themselves and make a decent trade from their side. Only one thing will be done with the markets. That is proper market analysis. Still, …

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Technical Analysis vs Fundamental Analysis

sgx stock screener

The difference between technical analysis vs fundamental analysis may not be clear to many Singaporeans especially to those who do not invest. In my earlier post, I had introduced both fundamental analysis and technical analysis. This post is mainly to highlight the key differences between the two investing approaches. What’s Good About Fundamental Analysis Vs Technical Analysis Pros of FA …

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Unlock 8 Myths About Value Investment In Singapore

Investing In Yourself

Many Singaporeans start their value investment in Singapore without unlocking 8 myths first. Our unique society and kiasu mentality dictate the ways we act and respond. Many of us think that the only way to survive in Singapore is to get good academic education and get a good steady job after graduation. Many of us have achieved that too. But …

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Top 75 Singapore Investment Blog | Rank #13 – Value Investing Singapore Blog

Top 75 Singapore Investment Blog

Dear Readers, Our Value Investing Singapore blog was ranked #13 in the Top 75 Singapore Investment Blog by Feedspot USA on 31 March 2018. Our blog ranking is not far away from The Motley Fool, ShareInv, ShareInvestor and Singapore Business Review.  They use the following criteria to select these Singapore investment blogs: Google reputation and Google search ranking Influence and …

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When To Do Value Investing In Singapore

opportunity vs danger

Value Investing In Singapore Can Be Anytime When to do value investing in Singapore and/or overseas countries? This is a common question which I have heard many people are asking now and then. If you have gone through value investing education or the stock investing basics, you know value investing is not exactly about buy low and sell high. Hence, …

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Into Bitcoin Investing? | Watch Warren Buffett & Jack Ma Videos First

bitcoin investing

Bitcoin is the hottest trend which taps on the value of blockchain technology. You may likely to read the news about its roller coaster price. Look at the current price, 1 bitcoin is to S$16,563.52. What do you think where it will go further in the next 1 to 2 years? What Is Exactly Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a digital currency …

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