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Investment With Dollar Cost Averaging

value stocks

Learning the art of investment and taking advantage of opportunities on the stock market are effective ways to make money over the long term. To make money by value investing, you need to carefully select which companies you invest in and keep you money there for an extended period of time. You also need to know how best to distribute …

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Find Undervalued Stocks


Finding undervalued stocks and invest into them is by all means not an easy task. You need to exercise your own acumen and apply value investing principles. Value investing is about finding stocks that are selling below their true worth. The concept involves buying these stocks, holding on to them and waiting until they rise in value. The trick is, …

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Value Investing Strategy

intrinsic value of a stock

If we all want to invest wisely, we need to use value investing strategy. If done correctly then significant money could be made and financial security could be realized. However many people year after year loose money by investing in the stock market. This is because there is no value investing strategy being used. They either pick the wrong companies …

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Do Due Diligence Check Before Value Investing

retail stocks

Due diligence check is the fundamental thing that all value investors should do before they invest in stocks. The decision to invest into a stock is strictly coming from the business perspective and not based on emotion reasons or news. Buying a stock without due diligence check may end up grabbing to a dropping knife. One good example that i …

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Ex-Dividend Date Vs Record Date Vs Payment Date

fundamental analysis

Ex-Dividend Date is the single most important date to look out for if you want to receive your first dividend payout. However, first time stock investors or newbies may think that they could get the stock dividend as long as they own it before its record date or its payment date. This will be a big mistake for them to …

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Types of Dividend

Growth Stock

When you practice value investing, and start to purchase stocks, you will likely expect a nice dividend check at the end of the year. This isn’t necessarily the case. Dividends can be paid in a variety of ways and at various intervals e.g. Singapore REIT payouts could be based on quarterly while some ETFs could be based on half yearly …

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What To Invest In Singapore

what to invest in singapore

It is hard to choose what to invest in singapore with all of our available investment options. There seem to be so many routes to follow that choosing the correct one can be a daunting task. Over here, we advocate value investing to our fellow Singaporeans. Why? We ourself are already value investors. Not only that, we are also investors …

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How To Start Investing In Singapore

Investing In Yourself

When it comes to how to start investing in Singapore, many think that they can run before they can crawl. Many think that they can predict the market with good accuracy and come out getting rich quick. Or to rely on stock analysts’ opinions to invest. The hard truth is 95% of the stock investors lose money. You likely have …

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Key Advantage of Trading CFDs Online


The financial market is worth considering because it is possible to make profits. If you want to become a part of the market you should make sure to employ in education. The Singaporean traders are successful in trading the financial market because they have the understanding of the market. If the trader does not have the idea, understanding and the …

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Follow The Footstep of The Professional Trader

Follow the footstep of the professional trader What can you gain by learning the life of a professional trader? Actually, it can be considered as the best method to become successful in the Forex market. The right method to become an experienced trader is by learning. You should make mistakes and from it, you will be able to improve your …

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