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Daniel Kao | The Sundays Times | My & My Money

Daniel Kao Singapore

How this doctor diagnoses investments Seeking ‘fundamentally strong’ firms, he considers CEOs’ character among other factors Doctor Daniel Kao may have been introduced to investing as a young adult, but it took marriage for him to realise it was a vital life skill. “When my wife and I struck out on our own after getting married in 2012, I realised …

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The Intelligent Investor Review

The Intelligent Investor Review

The Intelligent Investor Review The Intelligent Investor is a popular value investing book read by many Singaporeans and value investors around the world. This book is  authored by Benjamin Graham. It is also being described by Warren Buffett the best book about investing ever written. It has totally changed my mindset that stock trading is actually a speculative game. After …

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Don’t aim for complex trading strategy in the market

Don’t aim for complex trading strategy in the market Forex market is a wonder. This market is so large that even the biggest stock markets in the world cannot stand aside Forex. Traders who are trading in the Forex market sometimes lost themselves. They could not understand what they are trading in the market. If you are trading in the …

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Asset Play | Value Investing In Global Logistic Properties

asset play stock

Asset Play In Value Investing Asset Play is another value investing strategy which requires more patience and value investing acumen. The value investor will need to identify such undervalued stocks or spot the unpolished gems in the stock market. He or she should be able to hold them for a longer period of time and to sell them off at a great profit when they …

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Value Investing Singapore 2017

value investing singapore 2017

Outlook of Value Investing Singapore 2017 The outlook of Value Investing Singapore 2017 and global market proved to be challenging in this year. There were full of dramatic surprises in the year of 2016. I reflected with the listing of events which freaked me out as follows: BREXIT and pound dropping US Presidential Election won by Donald Trump The hike in US Federal Reserve interest …

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Donald Trump Vs Hillary Clinton | US Presidential Election 8 Nov 2016

donald trump and Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump Vs Hillary Clinton | Who Will Win US Presidential Election? The fight between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in this coming 8 Nov US Presidential Election will be soon over. The recent online news is forecasting Clinton’s lead over Trump by a merely tiny gap of 5%. This is a close up gap after FBI re-investigation probe to Clinton for …

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The Secrets of Value Investors

The Secrets of Value Investors By Value Investing College Singapore

The Secrets of Value Investors In Singapore The Secrets of Value Investors is a 2016 hardcopy edition printed by Value Investing College Singapore and being authored by my fellow 30 value investors in Singapore.  This valuable book reveals the top secrets of 30 value investors and it will cost you S$25 per copy to buy from local bookstores. Brief Introduction …

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Value Stocks In Singapore

value stocks

Value Stocks In Singapore Singaporeans often ask what are the value stocks in Singapore. This explains why Value Investing education in Singapore is getting more and more popular and. Like many retail stock investors, many Singaporean investors got burnt in stock market in one way or another. These investors  simply don’t carefully weigh their stock-investment decisions or solely rely on analysts’ report or market …

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Value Investing Singapore Bonuses For Your Grab Now

free value investing seminar bonus

Get 3 Exclusive Value Investing Singapore Bonuses When You Sign Up Our Free Value Investing Seminar. We are here to help You out. Don’t miss this chance. BONUS 1: The Expert Guide To Pursuing Wealth (e-book Worth $25) You will be receiving our Value Investing Singapore Bonuses. Upon your seminar sign up, we will email you your first bonus e-book called …

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Value Investing Strategies Used In Singapore

growth stock

What Are The Value Investing Strategies Value investing strategies are mentioned in many investment books and internet blogs. The hard truth is that self learning through books will need a strong discipline to progress and these investing concepts can be quite cluttered especially for a novice value investor to fully appreciate them. On the other hand, they are also many other retail …

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