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Dividend Yield Strategy Is Your Key To Successful Value Investing

dividend yield

Hold The Key of Dividend Yield Strategy Today Dividend yield of your current stock portfolio determine how successful you are as a value investor. Do you have any dividend yield strategy in placed before picking the right dividend stocks? While dividend yield strategy is suitable for any age groups of investors, it may be more important for elderly investors and retirees who are less risk …

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Growth Stock Investing Vs Value Investing

Growth Stock

What Is Growth Stock Investing Growth stock investing has been getting popular among those stock investors with higher risk appetite. Such growth investing techniques yielded very good returns for those who can spot the younger companies in emerging technologies or rapidly expanding industries. Growth stocks are companies that grow substantially faster than others. Its growth can be further verified by looking at growth in earnings …

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Investing In REITS

investing in reit

Investing in REITS – What Should You Consider Investing in REITs is one great way to build an equity or fixed-income portfolio. Due to the ability of REITs to generate dividend income along with capital appreciation, it provides greater diversification and greater returns at a lower risk. It is a great tool to complement with stocks investment, bonds and cash. …

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REITS 20 | Singapore REITS Index

reits singapore

S-REITS 20 | Singapore REITS Index Singapore REITs index, i.e  SGX S-REITS 20  measures the performance of the 20 largest and most tradable trusts of the REIT sector listed on Singapore Exchange (SGX). The index provider adjusts for each Reit’s free float – that is, the number of shares publicly available to investors – and then attaches weights for each …

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Warren Buffett Investment Style | Learn The Warren Buffett Way

warren buffett

Many Singaporeans want to master Warren Buffett Investment Style. They hope to learn the Warren Buffett way to invest stocks correctly. Actually, You need not be a fundamental analysis expert in stock investing but you will need to at least invest in yourself for the right Warren Buffett education in Singapore. Why Do We Learn from Warren Buffett? Many Singaporeans do not believe being a long …

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SRS | Learn What Is SRS In Singapore

What Is SRS Singapore? You got to know this.. SRS Singapore is referring to the voluntary Supplementary Retirement Scheme which enables Singaporeans or Singapore Permanent Residents to contribute any amount up to S$15,300 annually to their SRS account for investments and tax saving purposes. For foreigners, they can also contribute any amount up to S$35,700 annually to their accounts. Note that the above mentioned cap …

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Dollar Cost Averaging Vs Lump Sum Investment

Is Dollar Cost Averaging Better Than Lump Sum Investment? Dollar cost averaging is an investment strategy to purchase stocks by investing equal amounts at regular intervals. It reduces the impact of volatility on lump sum investment of financial assets such as stocks. Being the old school of thought, dollar cost averaging minimises the downside risk of a lump sum investment. But …

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Scams In Singapore | Do Invest With Prudence

sgx stock screener

Investment Scams In Singapore | Do Your Own Due Diligence Sad news of investment scams in Singapore are occasionally reported in local newspapers but they are never ending. Due to the rising cost of living in Singapore, Singaporeans especially those who are retired or without employment income or feeling stressful about the inflation cost may want to explore ways to make their money work …

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How MAS Regulations Can Protect Singapore Investors

mas regulations

How MAS Regulations Can Protect Singapore Investors? The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has announced on 22 September 2015 that there will be MAS Regulations to protect Singapore investors’ interests. This long awaiting move is a follow up of the feedback received from the public during its public consultation sessions held after its related consultation paper being published on 21 July 2014. To …

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How Does The Fed Rate Trend Impact Singapore Investors?

fed rate

How Does The Fed Rate Trend Impact Singapore Investors? If the Fed Rate rises, it will impact or implicate a rise in the interest rate of the local banks in Singapore as well. For value investors who like to do value investing in dividend stocks in particular REITS Singapore, such rise in fed interest rate can increase the borrowing cost and gearing ratio of …

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