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Scams In Singapore | Do Invest With Prudence

sgx stock screener

Investment Scams In Singapore | Do Your Own Due Diligence Sad news of investment scams in Singapore are occasionally reported in local newspapers but they are never ending. Due to the rising cost of living in Singapore, Singaporeans especially those who are retired or without employment income or feeling stressful about the inflation cost may want to explore ways to make their money work …

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How MAS Regulations Can Protect Singapore Investors

mas regulations

How MAS Regulations Can Protect Singapore Investors? The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has announced on 22 September 2015 that there will be MAS Regulations to protect Singapore investors’ interests. This long awaiting move is a follow up of the feedback received from the public during its public consultation sessions held after its related consultation paper being published on 21 July 2014. To …

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How Does The Fed Rate Trend Impact Singapore Investors?

fed rate

How Does The Fed Rate Trend Impact Singapore Investors? If the Fed Rate rises, it will impact or implicate a rise in the interest rate of the local banks in Singapore as well. For value investors who like to do value investing in dividend stocks in particular REITS Singapore, such rise in fed interest rate can increase the borrowing cost and gearing ratio of …

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Federal Reserve | The Fed Interest Rate Trend

federal reserve

What Is Federal Reserve? Federal Reserve which is chaired by Dr. Janet Yellen works like a Central Bank to provide clearing house operations for checks and electronic transactions. Fed distributes US Currency, enforce banking regulations, formulating monetary policy,  safeguard gold bullion for the U.S. and other countries. The 7 members board of governors is appointed by the President of United States. Together with 12 …

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Intrinsic Value of Stock

intrinsic value of stock

What Is Intrinsic Value of Stock? Singaporeans who do not know or care what is intrinsic value of stock are either not investing in stocks or not believing the importance of fundamental analysis. I used to be one of them who dived into technical analysis and did my stock trading using some proprietary trading system tools. Guess what? My experience was pretty bad even though …

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Singapore Stock Market Trend 2016

Singapore Stock Market 2016

Singapore Stock Market Trend In 2016 Singapore Stock Market trend in 2016 is predictably trending downward further and it could be the beginning of another great financial crisis after global financial crisis back in 2009. Should this is a crisis or an opportunity for us as value investors?   What factors may cause our Singapore Stock Market to slide badly in …

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What Is An Economic Moat

economic moat

What Is An Economic Moat Economic moat is a phrase which may appear often in value investing topics or articles. The primary reason is because this is an investment term made popular by Warren Buffett. When i first started researching about value investing, this phrase aside “Warren Buffett” first bumped into my sight. So what is an economic moat and …

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What Is Value Investing

What is value investing

People often ask what is value investing. Many are curious how one of the world’s richest man, Warren Buffett can accumulate his wealth for many decades in a consistent manner. A simple answer to what is value investing is simply the strategy of acquiring stocks at a huge discount to their intrinsic value. Intrinsic value of stocks can be derived via …

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