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Value Investing Portfolio Should Include STI ETF

what to invest in singapore

Managing Your Value Investing Portfolio Building your value investing portfolio can be an interesting art because different value stock investors may have different risk appetite for returns and risks at different life cycle. To me, managing investment portfolio is just like practicing the Sun Tzu’s Art of War to strike a balance of consistent income from dividend stocks vs. high capital gains …

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Nikko AM STI ETF Singapore

Nikko Am STI ETF

Why Invest In Nikko AM STI ETF Than Saving Regularly In Singapore? Nikko AM STI ETF is offered by Nikko AM Asia. It is an independently managed asset management company which are majority owned by Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Holdings and DBS Bank. I feel more comfortable to invest Nikko AM STI ETF using Standard Chartered Bank’s online trading account for lower …

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How To Buy STI ETF


How To Buy STI ETF In Singapore? Are you thinking of how to buy STI ETF? There are certainly various ways to invest in STI ETF. This depends on the investor’s investment quantum and preference. One of the key reasons why people buy STI ETF is due to its very low cost of ownership as compared to buying individual top 30 SGX …

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What Is STI ETF? STI ETF in short refers to Straits Times Index Exchange Traded Fund. If you invest in  STI ETF, your money is pooled with money from other investors and invested according to your selected ETF’s stated investment objective. Why Invest In STI ETF? STI ETF may be suitable for investors who seek medium to long-term capital appreciation via an …

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STI Index Singapore | Straits Times Index Singapore

STI Index Singapore

What Is STI Index Singapore STI Index or Straits Times Index (STI) is a market capitalisation weighted index which tracks the performance of the top 30 SGX listed companies. These top 30 stocks are also often referred as the constituents of STI Index. This list will be reviewed by FTSE group, SGX and SPH on a half yearly basis. STI index is calculated and …

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Types of Exchange Traded Funds In Singapore

exchange traded funds

Types of Exchange Traded Funds In Singapore Exchange traded funds (ETFs) are funds which aim to produce returns that track or replicate the performance an index. In Singapore, investors invest in exchange traded funds by buying units in the ETFs. The return of such ETFs lie in the capital gain when the price of the units rises above the price paid for …

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What Is An ETF?

what is an ETF

What Is An ETF? Many Singaporeans may not know what is an ETF. An ETF here refers to an Exchange Traded Fund that tracks a particular index, e.g. STI ETF. Therefore, when you buy shares of an ETF, you are buying shares of a stock portfolio that tracks the yield and return of that index. In another words, ETFs simply replicate …

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