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List of 35 SG REITS

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Check out 35 SG REITs Here is the updated list of 35 SG Reits as of 25 September 2018. To follow from our June 2018 update, this SG REIT table covers PE Ratio, Dividend Yield and PBV ratios. Certainly, these financial ratios make sense to decide which REITs outperform to their peers. Please refer to the below table which is sorted by ... Read More »

Reit Investing Singapore – List of 36 REITs

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Not all REIT Investing Choices In Singapore Are Equal   Received a recent request from one of the blog readers, Louis for Value Investing Singapore Blog to provide a list of Reit Investing stocks in Singapore. The table should include PBV ratios as well as Debt Equity Ratio. Certainly, these financial ratios make sense to decide which REITs outperform to ... Read More »

35 SREIT And Their Past Performance – 18 March 2018

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SREIT investments can be a good alternative or answer to the current environment of low yields for private rental property investments. SREITs are securities available in Singapore that invest in a diversified pool of professionally managed real estate assets. They raise capital to purchase primarily real estate assets, usually with a view to generate income for unit holders of the ... Read More »

Lion Phillip SReit ETF Is Coming


Lion Phillip SREIT ETF will be the first Singapore SREIT ETF which consists of all 23 S-REITs in Singapore. This ETF was recently launched by both Lion Global Investors Limited and Phillip Capital Management (S) Ltd. The unit fee will be $1.00 per unit and it will be listed in the SGX Mainboard on 30 October 2017. Projected dividend will ... Read More »

Cromwell European Real Estate Investment Trust

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Cromwell European Real Estate Investment Trust (CEREIT) IPO Called Off (updated on 23 September 2017, 850am) Below is an article published barely two days ago. It is related to Cromwell European Real Estate Investment Trust (CEREIT) IPO on 21 September 2017. And today, the local newspaper and media announced the abrupt called off of this first everEuro denominated REIT. The reason ... Read More »

List of Real Estate Investment Trusts Dated 16 August 2017

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Real Estate Investment Trusts 33 Singapore Real Estate Investment Trusts (Reits) are listed in the below table. This list is arranged in the ascending order based on PB ratio. We may note that these Real Estate Investment Trusts generate a fair decent dividend yield between 4.66% to 8.23% and the dividend returns are good enough to beat our local inflation ... Read More »

Singapore REITs Listing Dated 25 March 2017

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Singapore Reits Listing Dated 25 March 2017 Refer to the below list of all 33 Singapore Reits which is arranged in the ascending order based on PB ratio. It is not very difficult to note that these Singapore Reits generate a fair decent dividend yield with the lowest dividend yield rate at 4.89%. Which will be your good pick for the best 2017 Singapore ... Read More »

REITS Singapore Updates – 23 Jan 2017

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REITS Singapore Updates Jan 2017 shows the list of REITs Singapore arranged in descending order for dividend yields  REITS Singapore Updates Code Industry Mkt. Cap.in S$ mm Tot. Rev.in S$ mm P/E Div. Yld.in % Soilbuild Business Space REIT SV3U Equity Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) 677.4 79.9 11.678 9.44% Lippo Malls Indonesia Retail Trust D5IU Equity Real Estate Investment ... Read More »

REIT ETF Singapore | Phillip SGX APAC Dividend Leaders REIT ETF Index IPO

Will 1st REIT ETF Singapore Be Good To Invest? Our 1st Reit ETF (Phillip SGX APAC ex-Japan Dividend Leaders REIT ETF) In Singapore will be IPO by Phillip Capital Management (S) Limited on 20 October 2016. This is a long awaited REIT ETF  consists of 30 real estate investment trusts (REITs) across the Asia Pacific excluding Japan region. If you like REITs and ETF ... Read More »