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Daniel Kao | The Sundays Times | My & My Money

Daniel Kao Singapore

How this doctor diagnoses investments Seeking ‘fundamentally strong’ firms, he considers CEOs’ character among other factors Doctor Daniel Kao may have been introduced to investing as a young adult, but it took marriage for him to realise it was a vital life skill. “When my wife and I struck out on our own after getting married in 2012, I realised ... Read More »

Sean Seah Review | Singapore Value Investing Guru

sean seah singapore

Who Is Sean Seah? Sean Seah is a value investing guru who achieved his financial freedom at the age of 30. Sean Seah did it after 7 years of value investing. He attributed his success of being the first Singaporean to receive value investing training and mentorship from Mary Buffett. Mary is the ex Warren Buffett’s daughter in law and this helps ... Read More »

The New Buffettology By Mary Buffett


The Gist of The New Buffettology You may already know that Warren Buffett repeatedly stated in his Berkshire Hathaway letters that there will be no Warren Buffet recommendations on stock picks. Since this is the case, the best is to learn from Warren Buffett is his investment philosophy from the available Warren Buffett books. “The New Buffettology” which was authored by ... Read More »

Warren Buffett Investment Style | Learn The Warren Buffett Way

warren buffett

Warren Buffett Investment Style Learn The Warren Buffett Way In Singapore Many Singaporeans want to master Warren Buffett Investment Style. They hope to learn the Warren Buffett way to invest stocks correctly.  Actually, You need not be a fundamental analysis expert in stock investing but you will need to at least invest in yourself for the right Warren Buffett education in Singapore.   Why Do ... Read More »

Financial Crisis 2016 Prediction By Robert Kiyosaki

Financial Crisis 2016 Prediction By Robert Kiyosaki Financial crisis 2016 was predicted by Robert Kiyosaki when he first published his Rich Dad’s Prophecy in 2002. He described this financial crisis 2016 is a giant stock market crash. He also predicted quite accurately that the preliminary crash back in Oct 2007 just before Lethman Brother’s scandal and sub prime crisis erupted to ... Read More »

Charlie Munger Singapore

Charlie Munger Singapore

Charlie Munger : “Singapore is the single most successful governmental system that exists in the world…Study the life of Lee Kuan Yew, You’re going to be flabbergasted” If you are a Singaporean watching this video of a famous value investor, how do you feel? This feeling is amazingly good. We should feel fortunate to live in Singapore and proud to be ... Read More »

Benjamin Graham | Singapore value investors to know his tips

Benjamin Graham | Singapore value investors to know his tips Benjamin Graham, the teacher of Warren Buffet is well regarded as the father of value investing and the dean of the wall street. Ben Graham began his teaching first at Columbia Business School in 1929 and subsequently at UCLA Anderson School of Management. Besides Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham had taught many ... Read More »

Warren Buffett Singapore Footprint

Warren Buffett Singapore Footprint Warren Buffett Singapore webpage is to provide the profile information of Warren Buffett as it is often searched by value investors in Singapore for their sources of inspiration. Some of the Singaporeans may even spell once the world richest guy’s name wrongly for e.g. Warren Buffet, Warren Buffet, Warren Bufett, Waren Bufett and Waren Buffett. Not many people may ... Read More »