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Donald Trump Vs Hillary Clinton | US Presidential Election 8 Nov 2016

Donald Trump Vs Hillary Clinton | Who Will Win US Presidential Election?

The fight between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in this coming 8 Nov US Presidential Election will be soon over. The recent online news is forecasting Clinton’s lead over Trump by a merely tiny gap of 5%. This is a close up gap after FBI re-investigation probe to Clinton for the use of private email service.

Who Do You Want To Win In This US Presidential Election?

As an value stock investor, I would incline the support for Hillary Clinton to win this election for the possibility of stock market rally than having a potential market volatility if Donald Trump wins. I would think the winning chance for Clinton should be higher at 60% as compared to 40% for Donald Trump. US residents may be reminded what had happened in UK and the recent BREXIT and be seriously think about the pro and cons to support their presidential candidate.

If Clinton wins, she will be able to continue what President Obama has been doing during his US presidency and there is no drastic change of foreign policies which may cause unnecessary market jitters.

Personally, I view Donald Trump as a very successful property guru in property market. His flagship, “Trump Tower” property developments are seen getting more active in Asia region including the developments  in Philippines Makati and Seoul Korea. But a successful business man does not imply necessarily that he or she is also a good politician. He or she can be in commanding position but never to repel the allies countries which US is trying to build for a long time to counter balance other emerging super power countries.

But if Donald Trump wins the election, it would spell great uncertainties  for the global stock market which inevitably also affects the local Singapore stock market. Not to forget about the next US Federal Reserve’s decision to increase interest rate, it will negatively impact the global stock market as well as to the Singapore economy.


What Should You Do After 8 Nov US Presidential Election?

It may be a good idea to still maintaining a good share of cash position in your own investment portfolio. This will be your war chest to prepare yourself for the next opportunity window. For your current holding of valued stocks, you should continue to think long term and have trust in these valued stocks. If Clinton wins the election, there may be also a good chance for a short term stock market rally and Federal Reserve may consider to raise the long awaited interest rate by end of this year. A good option is to focus on bank stocks which will be benefitted by the rise of the interest rate. You may also consider to re-adjust your portfolio now and do not over relying on REIT investments especially those with higher gearing ratio or debt. If Donald wins it, your war chest with good cash position will be of great use to scoop up the undervalued stocks when the downside stock market impact is the obvious.

Above post is just for sharing of opinions. Like the usual value investing approach, do your own due diligence first.

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