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Electronic Stocks| SGX Stock List

 List of Electronic Stocks| SGX Stock List

Company NameCodeIndustryMkt. Cap.in S$ mmTot. Rev.in S$ mmP/EDiv. Yld.in %
PNE Industries LtdBDAElectronic Components  Electronic Equipment50.481.15.47320
Willas-Array Electronics (Holdings) LimitedBDRElectronic Components  Electronic Equipment41.4600.47.38110.21
Karin Technology Holdings LimitedK29Electronic Components  Electronic Equipment73.9563.58.4958.12
Excelpoint Technology Ltd.BDFElectronic Components  Electronic Equipment38.31,033.84.426.82
Valuetronics Holdings LimitedBN2Electronic Equipment, Instruments and Components153.6408.85.9456.78
Aztech Group Ltd.AVZCommunications Equipment36326.27.9836.76
Serial System LtdS69Electronic Components  Electronic Equipment148.71,5256.5756.73
Multi-Chem LimitedAWZElectronic Components  Electronic Equipment45320.25.76.62
PCI LimitedP19Electronic Components  Electronic Equipment100.5255.13.9676.52
Memtech International Ltd.M26Electronic Components  Electronic Equipment82.6189.93.5925.21
Captii LimitedAWVCommunications Equipment17.620.66.5364.55
Fischer Tech LtdBDVElectronic Components  Electronic Equipment45.1168.36.0243.64
Chuan Hup Holdings LimitedC33Electronic Components  Electronic Equipment308.1312.77.863.34
CEI Contract Manufacturing LimitedAVVElectronic Components  Electronic Equipment41.21325.1623.03

Note: Above SGX stock list of Electronic stocks was sorted out based on the highest dividend yield rate records with a P/E ratio of < 10 first. Do your own due diligence.

Source : SGX Singapore (updated 27 Sept 2015)

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