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Gone Fishing With Buffett – PDF Download For Free

Gone Fishing with Buffett PDF download is free if you sign up our free value investing singapore seminar. Being the author of this best seller investment book, Mr Sean Seah wants to encourage Singaporeans to learn about value investing. This PDF ebook comes with a foreword by Mary Buffett. Mary is the ex-Warren Buffett’s daughter in-law for 12 years and a mentor to Sean Seah.


Gone_Fishing_With_Buffett By Sean Seah

What Is “Gone Fishing with Buffett” All About?

Gone Fishing with Buffett tells a story of a young man who embarked his investing journey into stock markets. The ideas of value investing adopted by Warren Buffett have been taught and propagated all around the world. Sean Seah has internalised and applied such value investing principles consistently to compound his wealth. He now shares the methodology of value investing in a simple step-by-step format to thousands of students from seven countries in Asia.

Gone Fishing with Buffett PDF ebook is a great starter kit for investors who want to put their money to work. It is written as a light hearted story to explain the concept of value investing like a fishing trip with Warren Buffett. Sean also shares his personal investing journey to encourage stock investors to avoid from speculating and invest wisely instead.


Contents of Gone Fishing With Buffett

Foreword Introduction

  • Part 1 The Bait
  • Part 2 The Fisherman
  • Part 3 Great Businesses
  • Part 4 Sensible Price
  • Part 5 Application

gone fishing with buffett article

Testimonials Of Gone Fishing With Buffett

Gone Fishing with Buffett ebook is a good starter for any investor who is interested to learn value investing. It highlights the principles of value investing that have been relevant and they will continue to guide value investors regardless of changing times due to the internet. This book not only presents methods but it also covers an important aspect which is the discipline and the mind set of an investor.

David Gerald

Securities Investor Association Singapore (SIAS)


About The Author of Gone Fishing With BuffettSean Seah And Mary Buffett

Sean Seah is a Singaporean value investor, author and speaker in the area of investing. After graduating in Business Studies with a first class honours, Sean went on to build a career in the civil service. He began investing after meeting some friends who were seasoned investors. Unfortunately, his get-rich quick mind set and speculative methods caused him to lose large amounts of money initially.

Sean was introduced to value investing by chance. His wealth began to grow steadily. He felt the passion to help others avoid blind speculation and invest wisely. Sean has been featured in The Sunday Times, FM93.8, National Achiever Congress and etc. He is frequently invited to investment conferences, book fairs and many other seminars where he shares his experiences and practical advice.


Gone Fishing With Buffett By Sean Seah


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