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Investment With Dollar Cost Averaging

Learning the art of investment and taking advantage of opportunities on the stock market are effective ways to make money over the long term. To make money by value investing, you need to carefully select which companies you invest in and keep you money there for an extended period of time. You also need to know how best to distribute your money in the company you invest. By practicing dollar cost averaging, you may actually gain more profit in the long run.

Gradual Investment Over A Period

Dollar cost averaging is way to gradually put money into your stock. Many times it turns out more profitable that putting in a lump sum investment. The cists will get spread over a period of years which will protect you against changes in the market price.

To do a dollar cost averaging plan you need to set aside a monthly or quarterly amount of money to invest. You next need to select an investment that you’re comfortable staying with for the next 5-10 years. At whatever interval you choose, invest that amount of money. If you work through a broker he or she may be able to do an automatic withdrawal for you.

When you decide to invest money you have 2 choices. You can throw your lump sum in and walk away or put smaller increments in over time. If you invested 15,000 dollars into a company and left it, you share price would be determined by the value of the stock at closing. This means the stock would have to reach that amount before you broke even.

A sudden big drop in the value of the stock is the risk of lump sum investment.  If you decided to still invest 15,000 into the same company, but instead did it over time, your share price would be much lower. How about if you put regular quarterly payments over 3 years? Your stock would only need to reach less than half its original amount for you to break even.

Dollar cost averaging can amount to much more profit and much smaller losses. It can help shield your investment against market fluctuation and make turning a profit much easier. To make the most out of value investing, you need a solid company, patience and a good dollar cost averaging plan. If you practice these three tips then you can make a success at value investing.


Dollar cost averaging has its pros and cons. The fundamental is the selected stock must be an undervalued stock.


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