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Money Manager To Manage Personal Finance | Video Presented By Sean Seah

How To Be A Money Manager?

Learn how to be a money manager by watching this below video presented by Sean Seah, the Asia Buffettologist. Sean presented his ways how to manage money using four money cups. Watch out his magic stunt too. With the correct knowledge how to manage money,  one can better manage his or her own personal finance and achieve financial abundance and freedom.


Everyone has the ability to manage their own money in one way or another. You simply need to do three things: learn financial planning, apply your knowhow and manage your personal finance diligently.

Start with the basics. You need to track all your money coming in (your total income) and everything going out (your fixed expenses and your discretionary spending). Once you know what your money is doing, you can set up a budget to help keep you on track from month to month. From there, you can determine what you’ll contribute to your current money cups : Current, Future, Unknown and Eternal.

Much of what applying your knowledge looks like in practice is simply taking action and holding yourself accountable. It can help to write out your financial goals and check in with those regularly to remind yourself why you’re working hard to manage your money.

To successfully manage your own money, you need to manage your own behavior. That means taking small, consistent actions over time. You need to create your plan of action and stick with it through market ups and downs, through everything from personal struggles to professional triumphs.

In the perspective of value investing, it is something in this future cup which mentioned by Sean Seah. Using only your available investible amount of money to acquire bits of businesses whose stocks are undervalued and make consistent profits over time.

Sean has also devised a method of value investing in a smart way. Attend his seminar to find out his way of smart value investing, i.e. earn money before you invest in undervalued stocks.

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