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Nikko AM STI ETF Singapore

Why Invest In Nikko AM STI ETF Than Saving Regularly In Singapore?

Nikko AM STI ETF is offered by Nikko AM Asia. It is an independently managed asset management company which are majority owned by Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Holdings and DBS Bank. I feel more comfortable to invest Nikko AM STI ETF using Standard Chartered Bank’s online trading account for lower cost of owning STI ETF units.

There are automatic ways of deducting money from your bank or brokerage accounts to invest in Nikko AM STI ETF. This makes it more easier and disciplinary for retail investors over a longer term of investment.

I like to look at charting to give me a better overview of the Straits Time Index market. Below is an extract of Nikko AM STI ETF factsheet showing the fund price chart of Nikko AM STI ETF since its inception. If you have invested such STI ETF during its recent peak of STI in mid april 2015,  you might lose on paper value about 12-13%.

I own a couple of value stocks, some Singapore REITs and STI ETF. STI had already broke its recent support level at 2800 had prompted me to buy some more units. My current dollar cost averaging is approximately $2.58 per unit and gaining around 8 percent dividend return annually for the past few years. It may not surprise me that STI will drop further in 2016 to possibly 2500. That could be another good chance to do another dollar cost average down.

nikko am sti etf

Below will show you the list of Nikko AM Distributors. Depending on your own individual investing style , you can choose which distributors to buy from. Click here to know how to buy Nikko AM STI ETF via POSB and SCB.

Nikko AM STI ETF’s List of Distributors

  • Avallis Financial
  • CIMB
  • DBS
  • DollarDex
  • SuperFundMart.com
  • GYC
  • iFast
  • iFast Global Prestige
  • Aviva
  • OCBC
  • Philips Securities
  • POSB
  • Providend
  • SCB
  • UOB KayHian

Last Updated on 6 October 2015.

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  1. Keepel land was once removed from the STI index. But it’s share price did not fall. It alclauty went up. I think the issue is if it is placed on the mid cap index, then would other fund managers need to buy it also if their funds track the mid cap index. if not then what is the purpose of having a mid cal index.

    • The STI index which is reviewed on quarterly basis using the methodology of FTSE is based on the capitalization-weighted approach, listing the top 30 stocks with highest market value (stock price multiplied by the number of shares). See what happen to the stock, Noble. It was also being removed after a period of stock price down trending.

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