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Retail Stocks | SGX Stock List

List of Retail Stocks| SGX Stock List

Presently, there are 17 retail stocks publicly listed in SGX which span across retailing industry such as specialty retail, distributor and multi line retail sectors.

Company NameCodeIndustryMkt. Cap.in S$ mmTot. Rev.in S$ mmP/EDiv. Yld.in %
Duty Free International Limited5SOSpecialty Retail324.5210.615.3018.47
Parkson Retail Asia LimitedO9EMultiline Retail216.74377.587.81
CASA Holdings LimitedC04Distributors29.426.613.0047.14
Tye Soon LimitedBFUDistributors26.2202.922.1665.73
Second Chance Properties Ltd528Specialty Retail189.647.414.1815.36
Challenger Technologies Limited573Specialty Retail169.2355.610.7914.8
Jardine Cycle & Carriage LimitedC07Distributors9,878.123,4529.7934.12
OSIM International LtdO23Specialty Retail1,243.9652.315.9573.65
SMJ International Holdings Ltd.40BDistributors13.6219.6953.49
Stamford Tyres Corporation LimitedS29Distributors68.3283.956.933.45
Courts Asia LimitedRE2Specialty Retail209.9762.611.6313.31
The Hour Glass LimitedAGSSpecialty Retail500.6737.98.3363.1
YHI International LimitedY08Distributors131.5523.120.0842.67
Cortina Holdings LimitedC41Specialty Retail140.7395.410.9462.35
Metro Holdings LimitedM01Multiline Retail720.4157.34.2312.3
Zhongmin Baihui Retail Group Ltd.5SRMultiline Retail347.5186.530.1181.95
Noel Gifts International Ltd.543Specialty Retail34.329.511.7851.79
Nobel Design Holdings Ltd547Specialty Retail77.6149.34.0241.78
MoneyMax Financial Services Ltd.5WJSpecialty Retail60.182.838.9821.76

Source : SGX Singapore (updated 6 Oct 2015). Note: Above SGX stock list of Retail stocks was sorted out based on the highest dividend yield rate records. Do your own due diligence.

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