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Sean Seah Review | Singapore Value Investing Guru

Who Is Sean Seah?

Sean Seah is a value investing guru who achieved his financial freedom at the age of 30. Sean Seah did it after 7 years of value investing. He attributed his success of being the first Singaporean to receive value investing training and mentorship from Mary Buffett. Mary is the ex Warren Buffett’s daughter in law and this helps Sean to gain better insights about the value investing techniques used by Warren Buffett. He in turn shares this valuable knowledge to many thousands of students across 7 Asian countries.


My Sean Seah Review

I am glad to know Sean Seah many years back. We were all trained in technical analysis and Contract For Differences by the same proclaimed Stock Investing Master. Unfortunately, both of our trading results were not ideal. I got burnt badly with a loss of over S$80,000 after meddling with Hang Seng Stocks using this CFD. Market volatility and greed is a good mixture of my past stock trading failure.

This friend of mine has become very successful now in stock investing . The rat race in his civil service job had made him determine to be successful after 7 years of drilling into value investing.  Sean is now the Founder of Value Investing College  and widely known as the Asia Buffettologist. He educates thousands of students around Asia and transforming these complete beginners to savvy value investors. He is also the best selling author for acclaimed books such as “Gone Fishing with Buffett“, “The Money Game” and “Financial Joy”.

Including myself, many students were happy to find his signature bootcamp value for money aside to the fun learning process.


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Sean Seah Singapore Is Featured In Various Media and Conferences

Sean Seah’s Value Investing methodology and philosophy is widely recognized in Singapore. He has been well featured on many media fronts including Singapore, Malaysia, USA, Canada and South Africa. Henceforth, Sean is also known as the Asia Buffettologist and Value Investing Guru to many.

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Below is not an exhaustive list of events which he had presented his value investing concepts.

1. National Achiever Congress In Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and South Africa

2. Masters of Wealth

3. Value Investing Summit

4. Securities Investor Association Singapore (SIAS) Event

5. Share Investor Seminar

6. Local Education Institutes e.g. NTU IIC, Hwa Chong

7. Bookfests and talks By Popular and Kinokuniya

8. And Many more


Sign Up Sean Seah’s Value Investing Seminar For Free

If you like to learn more about his value investing concept, sign up now for a free 3 hours value investing seminar using the top right form. You will have an amazing learning experience with Sean Seah and his team.


Free Gone Fishing With Buffett By Sean Seah


You will be amazed by Sean Seah Singapore Power Team of Master Trainers and Staff. Feel our positive energy and continual strong support from this value investing team. You will not be left alone. The largest Value Investing Community in Singapore awaiting for you to join them.

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