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List of 35 SG REITS

Check out 35 SG REITs

Here is the updated list of 35 SG Reits as of 25 September 2018. To follow from our June 2018 update, this SG REIT table covers PE Ratio, Dividend Yield and PBV ratios. Certainly, these financial ratios make sense to decide which REITs outperform to their peers. Please refer to the below table which is sorted by the ascending order of PE Ratio.

35 SG Reits – Investing Choices

Company NameCodeP/EDiv. Yld. in %P/BVMkt. Cap.in S$ mmTot. Rev.in S$ mm
Fortune REITF25U2.8675.51%0.5823,121.20356.4
Mapletree North Asia Commercial TrustRW0U5.6436.74%0.843,506.40360.5
IREIT GlobalUD1U6.9427.70%1.065479.355.1
Mapletree Logistics TrustM44U7.2996.10%1.0064,099.60404.6
Frasers Hospitality TrustACV8.2647.10%0.8391,299.10158.7
Mapletree Commercial TrustN2IU8.5315.51%1.1034,734.90434.3
CapitaLand Retail China TrustAU8U8.5357.13%0.8311,392.40221.7
OUE Commercial Real Estate Investment TrustTS0U8.7647.45%0.655931.4174.4
EC World Real Estate Investment TrustBWCU10.2588.67%0.749545.293.4
Frasers Centrepoint TrustJ69U10.355.41%1.1062,075.10197.7
CapitaLand Commercial TrustC61U11.1724.76%0.9576,589354.9
CapitaLand Mall TrustC38U11.4815.29%1.0577,559.20688.3
Mapletree Industrial TrustME8U11.6476.04%1.3263,697.90365.9
Ascott Residence TrustA68U12.7136.41%0.7612,335504.7
Frasers Commercial TrustND8U12.9876.72%0.9361,270.70142.1
First Real Estate Investment TrustAW9U13.2597.04%1.12959.8114
Manulife US Real Estate Investment TrustBTOU13.6296.41%0.9571,380.50158.1
Frasers Logistics & Industrial TrustBUOU14.779.47%1.1642,154.90180.8
Starhill Global Real Estate Investment TrustP40U15.4136.41%0.7781,548.70208.8
AIMS AMP Capital Industrial REITO5RU15.4897.20%1.044980.4115.3
SPH REITSK6U16.3895.56%1.0542,559211.7
Ascendas Real Estate Investment TrustA17U16.4066.15%1.1918,050.90865.9
OUE Hospitality TrustSK716.5497.08%0.941,299.90131.2
Parkway Life Real Estate Investment TrustC2PU16.7084.86%1.5411,633.50111.1
BHG Retail REITBMGU16.7647.70%0.84935768.3
Viva Industrial TrustT8B19.2438.38%1.175873.3124.1
Suntec Real Estate Investment TrustT82U20.2745.40%0.8794,934.80449.5
Lippo Malls Indonesia Retail TrustD5IU20.77610.78%0.692769.8200.7
Keppel DC REITAJBU20.8565.23%1.351,837.90152.2
Keppel REITK71U21.524.76%0.8174,054.70287.1
Cache Logistics TrustK2LU33.198.25%0.92788.6116.1
Far East Hospitality TrustQ5T49.7146.22%0.731,186.90107.3
Ascendas Hospitality TrustQ1P52.2727.23%0.803917.5200.1
Dasin Retail TrustCEDU107.2678.95%0.58481.373.5
Sabana Shari’ah Compliant Industrial Real Estate Investment TrustM1GU238.658.10%0.76431.882.3

Source  SGX.com (Updated 25 Sept 2018)


A Thinker For Novice Investors

Can you spot some of these SG Reits with a fairly low PE and yet having an annual dividend yield of more than 7%? Please do your own due diligence to select your desired choice for your REIT investing. Value Investing Graduates know what to do to screen for the better ones with value from this entire list.

If you have invested just one Sg REIT from the above list, you would make at least 4.76% of annual dividend yield return. Does this minimum 4.76% annual return helps you to beat our current inflation? Will this 4.76% considered to be a better return as compared to put your savings into fixed deposits?

If you have all these questions in mind, do you already have your own strategy of dividend play today?

If not, sign up our free value investing seminar using the online form at Value Investing Singapore Portal. Kick start your learning journey with us.

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