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Why Stock Screener Is Important To Value Investors

With a good stock screener tool, the days of doing due diligence checks manually by value investors are over.

A good stock screener helps value investors to filter off stocks that are not matching their value investing criteria. Finding what stocks to buy in Singapore or in any other stock market is not an easy task. Why? The list of listed companies is getting longer and the information available online is overwhelming. There are tons of endless corporate announcements and online resources for investors to digest before the right information can be put into good use.

Many investors lose money because they spend time in listening to rumors, analyst news and friends. Emotion and greed are the two major causes of making a mistake in stock investing. And often, the mistakes made can be deadly to some. On the other hand, good investors spend time to analyse the available data and they do due diligence check to confirm if a stock is worthwhile to buy.

Doing due diligence check is a must for value investors. Today, there are still quite many value investors are still using spreadsheets to work out on the financial ratios. This is not productive. If you are serious in value investing, you need have a good stock searching tool to help you out.

List of Stock Screeners

There are many stock screeners available in the market. Some are paid versions while others with limited options are free to the public to use. Here is the non-exhaustive list as follows:

  • SGX Stock Screener
  • Yahoo Finance Stock Screener
  • Finviz
  • Uncle Stock Screener
  • Fidelity Stock Screener
  • Market Watch Stock Screener
  • TASH Stock Screener

I have personally tried a few of them before such as those which are offered by SGX, Yahoo Finance, Finviz and Uncle Stock. These are generally cool and easy to use tools.

There is also a locally developed tool called TASH Stock Screener which i like the most. It has the most popular filter criteria which matches my value investing principles. These filters are as follow:

  • stock market
  • Margin of Safety
  • WP Rating
  • Profitability
  • Financial Health
  • Growth Stocks
  • Dividend Play
  • Asset Play
Stock Screener Singapore

These tools are a great resource when searching for undervalued stocks, growth stocks, dividend stocks or defensive stocks. They help to save up your time to do the due diligence check manually at a click of a button. This will make you life as a value investor for easier. If you are not using one today, consider one today.

Check out how you can leverage on system tools like the above to help you out in your value investing journey by signing up our free full day 4 hours Technology Assisted Stock Hacking Workshop Singapore here.

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