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List of Bank Stocks| SGX Stock List

List of Bank Stocks| SGX Stock List These are 3 usual power bank stocks publicly listed in SGX. Fundamentally, they are strong banks with huge reserve. Though the recent Oil and Gas saga – Swiber  might cause a write-down of up to $700million loss by the largest Singapore bank (DBS) and hence cutting its 2016 earning by 3percent, the capital adequacy of DBS should not be affected. ... Read More »

Bank Stocks | SGX Stock List

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List of Bank Stocks| SGX Stock List Presently, there are 3 bank stocks publicly listed in SGX. These three banks are are out of  five locally registered full banks in Singapore namely, UOB, DBS, OCBC, BOS (Bank of Singapore), FEB (Far Eastern Bank). Check out these three blue chip stocks. Company Name Code Industry Mkt. Cap.in S$ mm Tot. Rev.in S$ mm ... Read More »