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Discover How Smart Value Investing Options Strategy Makes You Option Money Like You Have Never Seen This Before.


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Not sure what are the reasons that spike your interest about value investing. Probably, you are looking into the ways to generate reasonable returns safely after making previous mistakes in your investments. I know there are many Singaporeans who are eager to improve their own financial health too. You are not alone.

With the access of insider knowledge about how Warren Buffett invests, it has helped me in turn to devise my own value investing system and strategies. This helps me to effectively train many thousands of Singaporeans and students across Asia. Also, my best performing graduates and trainers were featured in various local media and value investing conferences.

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You are certainly welcome to sign up our 3 hours Value Investing Singapore Seminar package (worth S$349) for free. This free package includes my three exclusive bonuses to help you to kick start your value investing journey today. This is only for limited time. Our seminar topics includes the following:

  • When To Buy or Sell Stock
  • Start Value Investing With Just $1000
  • Earn Option Money Using My Value Investing Options Strategy (VIOS)
  • Build Your Passive Income For Your Family Without Losing Your Sleep
  • Kickstart Your Value Investing Regardless If You Are A Complete Newbie
  • How To Join The Largest Value Investing Community in Singapore

If you are serious about learning value investing, take action now to sign up our Value Investing Singapore Seminar. You need not spend a bomb travelling to Colombia Business School, USA where Warren Buffett had learnt value investing knowledge from Prof. Graham. Hope you have an amazing learning and investing journey right here in Singapore.

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What Our Students Said About Our Value Investing Bootcamp?


value investing singapore graduate daddy“Back in 2011, I developed a medical condition which required me to leave work. Thankfully, i was able to create a portfolio of stocks and options positions for income generations for my family. What is taught in VIC can do so much for anyone with the heart to learn.”

Jonathan Kevin Lai

A Family Man


“VIC is hard to describe in one sentence. The Wow experience in this community is really what you are getting.  Unselfish sharing and giving what’s about. Lots of good information. So far, it is the best programme thatvalue investing singapore graduate mother i have ever seen.”

Tiffany Lee

Working Mum


“Following the guidelines that were taught, my SGX returns have been greatvalue investing singapore graduate (up 52% since) with a couple of 2 baggers. For those starting this journey, value investing works.”

Jonas Lim

Sales Professional


“My fiance and I travelled to 4 different countries last year. It was possible with stock market returns. It bugs me that not everyone has discovered value investing singapore graduate couple


Chloe Lin




Learn How You Can Be Transformed From A Novice Investor To A Savvy Value Investor. Do not commit yourself by making the common stock investing mistakes again.

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Invest Your Time In Our Free Value Investing Singapore Seminar

Reward yourself When You Sign Up

If you have signed up our Value Investing Singapore Seminar today, Value Investing Singapore would provide you with the following exclusive bonuses to kick start your value investing journey. Our value investing seminar package worth S$349 is absolutely free to you. This is just our small gesture to reward you for taking an action or spending your time and effort to learn more about value investing in a smarter way.

Bonus #1 –  Jump start your learning journey about value investing by watching our free learning video clips on value investing.  Just relax and wait for our email notification when you signed up our seminar.

Bonus #2 – Collect a free physical copy of “Value Investing For Beginner” at our seminar. This is a treasured value investing book used by many beginners of value investing in Singapore.

If you do not know how to define a value of a particular stock or not knowing what is value investing, attend our Value Investing Seminar Singapore. We would like to share with you our favourite value investing quote from Warren Buffett. This is a fairly simple concept and yet it is often ignored by many retail stock investors. This explains why 95% of the stock investors fail badly.

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