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Value Investing College Review is the best way to testify that even novice investors or those without any investment experience can also make options money before even they graduate from the Value Investing Bootcamp. Personally, I had attended the 3 days boot camp back in 2014 and their regular value investing events. I must say VIC team have put in their heart to come out with this fabulous value investing program. The VIC team’s spirit and positive energy to make money in a proven way has inspired me a lot. Most importantly, it works for me in a consistent manner. This value investing program has caused a paradigm shift in me because I am buying stocks for profitable businesses. Many Singaporeans including myself might have burned our fingers in stock market in one way or another.  We should learn our lessons by now.

Value Investing Singapore recommends this Value Investing College boot camp and free 3 hours Value Investing seminar preview to anyone.

Value Investing College BootCamp Singapore Sept 2015


Free Value Investing Seminar Review

I would like to convey my gratitude to VIC for such an informative seminar. In my opinion, I felt that it is one thing to simply deliver a paid service and an another thing to personally shared what you know out of passion for teaching. I can totally relate to that as a doctor. The session at International Plaza was very informative. VIC trainer kept the audience attentive with his interactive lecture and humor. It’s was a short but yet collective and crisp introduction to the scary world of stock markets within that duration of time.

Thanks for the time.

Dr. Faiza Buhari

Businessman and Investor


value investing singapore graduate daddy“Back in 2011, I developed a medical condition which required me to leave work. Thankfully, i was able to create a portfolio of stocks and options positions for income generations for my family. What is taught in VIC can do so much for anyone with the heart to learn.”

Jonathan Kevin Lai

A Family Man


“VIC is hard to describe in one sentence. The Wow experience in this community is really what you are getting.  Unselfish sharing and giving what’s about. Lots of good information. So far, it is the best programme thatvalue investing singapore graduate mother i have ever seen.”

Tiffany Lee

Working Mum


“Following the guidelines that were taught, my SGX returns have been greatvalue investing singapore graduate (up 52% since) with a couple of 2 baggers. For those starting this journey, value investing works.”

Jonas Lim

Sales Professional


“My fiance and I travelled to 4 different countries last year. It was possible with stock market returns. It bugs me that not everyone has discovered value investing singapore graduate couplehow to invest properly.”

Chloe Lin



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Venue : Goldbell Towers @ 47 Scotts Road (Near Newton MRT)