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Warren Buffett Investment Style | Learn The Warren Buffett Way

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Many Singaporeans want to master Warren Buffett Investment Style. They hope to learn the Warren Buffett way to invest stocks correctly. Actually, You need not be a fundamental analysis expert in stock investing but you will need to at least invest in yourself for the right Warren Buffett education in Singapore.

Why Do We Learn from Warren Buffettwarren buffett?

Many Singaporeans do not believe being a long term stock investor. More than a decade ago, I did not believe this either.

Many stock investors hope to earn big and quick bucks from the exciting stock market. Of course, many try to time the market but Mr. Market will often go against their bets. When they are over-leveraged, they get margin calls and lose more than they would have expected initially.

Like other 95% stock investors, I suffered a great loss in stock investments. My loss was amounted to a six figure in total because of my poor handling of my trading emotions and personal greediness. After past years of painful lessons learnt, I am fully convinced that smart value investing is the way to good. Therefore we need to invest stocks with confidence so as to build wealth in a consistent way.

Warren Buffett net worth is US$61.9 billion as of 11 Nov 2015. With such a net worth, Warren is currently rated by Forbes.com being the no.2 richest man in the world. While many investors invest stocks by looking merely at the share prices itself, Warren Buffett buys value stocks of companies which have great businesses.

He is unanimously famous for his decades-long reputation for smart value investing and had turned a loss making textile manufacturing company, Berkshire Hathaway Inc to one of the largest public listed companies in US which hit a record of $200,000 per share in the US stock market history. By the way, Berkshire Hathaway Stock List includes Wells Fargo Bank, IBM, FOX Century, Coke Cola, Burger King, Heinz, Kraft Food , Geico and so forth.

4 Great Ways To Learn Warren Buffett Investment Style

  • Buy Warren Buffett books such as “The New Buffettology” and read them diligently.
  • Win Annual Warren Buffett Charity Lunch Auction.  e.g. Andy Chua from Singapore won Warren Charity Auction 2012 with a US$2.16 million bid.
  • Pay for a study trip of over US$10,000 to study at Warren Buffett’s college at Colombia Business School USA
  • Pay Less Than US$3K to learn Warren Buffett Investment Style in Singapore i.e. Attend Value Investing College program and to follow a proven system.

Get Warren Buffett Education Right Now In Singapore

Singaporeans who want to be successful in their financial lives will have a chance to learn the Warren Buffett way correctly in Singapore.  Here is the value investing college review.

Therefore, sign up now for Free Value Investing Seminar (worth S$349) to learn Warren Buffett value investing in Singapore.

We want to encourage more Singaporeans to be educated in value investing. Value Investing Singapore sponsors to give you a hardcopy of Ken Chee’s “Value Investing For Beginners”. This book is worth S$25/copy for your collection on the day of seminar. Make a note after your registration.

Discover Warren Buffett Investment Strategies And You Will Be Transformed From A Beginner To A Savvy Value Investor.

  • Smart Value Investing
  • How to find stocks using a 10 min screening approach
  • How to find intrinsic value of a stock easily
  • Avoid buying a company with investment risks due to aggressive accounting
  • Portfolio Management and BCP Position Sizing
  • Creating Passive Income Using Value Investing Options Strategies

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